Pin Grading Information

Enamel pins are handmade products that come with an assortment of variations even within the same batch of pins due to the nature of their creation. To help understand the standard variations between pins, we've developed a grading scale to clarify what variations you may see in the pin you receive. Every pin creator develops their own grading scale, and it may vary between shops. We hand inspect each pin in natural light by holding them about 20 inches away.

Grade A/Standard Pins

Our Grade A pins are our standard pins with the least amount of variations from the pin or artwork shown in the product listing. Minor variations can include:

  • Tiny air bubbles or very small nicks on the enamel
  • Stray glitter specks in non-glitter area
  • Stray glitter specks of another color
  • Light enamel under fill
  • Tiny drops of enamel color in wrong areas
  • Small scuffs or scratches on the metal plating or enamel
  • Small areas of plating imperfections
  • Some minor flecks of dust in the enamel
  • Slightly bent back posts
  • Plating imperfections on the back of pin
  • Minor variances in screenprinting including small scratches or smudging
  • Slight over-polishing to metal lines

Grade B/Seconds Pins

Our Grade B pins are still extremely wearable pins but include more variations from the pin or artwork shown in the product listing than our Grade A pins. Variations can include:

  • Noticeable or multiple areas of under filled enamel
  • Moderately scuffed enamel or metal
  • Multiple air bubbles in the enamel
  • Small areas of wrong color fill
  • Over-polishing of metal lines resulting in slight loss of detail
  • Missing enamel on a small portion of the pin
  • Noticeable off-set or missing screen print 
  • Overflow of enamel that results in slight flooding
  • Large amounts of stray glitter
  • Noticeable amounts of dust in enamel
  • Gouges or marks on enamel
  • Backing posts that have significant sway
  • Grade C/Junk Pins

    Our Grade C pins include major variations from the posted artwork or example pin on our product listings. Variations may effect wearability and these pins are extremely discounted.

  • Very noticeable areas of scuffing
  • Deep gouges in enamel
  • Deep scratches in enamel
  • Large areas of under filled enamel
  • Multiple defects in the metal plating
  • Large air bubbles in hard enamel
  • Complete areas where glitter has been misapplied
  • Low quality enamel or metal work
  • Incorrect back stamp
  • More than one unfilled enamel area
  • Broken or missing pin posts