Promoting Diverse Creators in the Bookish World

The bookish community is blessed with so many talented creators it's incredibly overwhelming! We are extremely thankful that the community is welcoming to everyone - and that we, as consumers, can interact with people who are different than us in many ways. The recent call for support of the Black Lives Matters movement has made what we hope to be an everlasting impact on the book community and has opened our eyes to the struggles that people of color face in our collective book-related world. It's brought to light the injustices that Black people as well as other people of color face in areas of publishing, book promotion, and reaching new audiences on social media. 

To help combat some of these struggles, we'd like to lend our voice to lifting up diversity within the book community. Whether it's encouraging others to discover new books, shop at BIPOC-owned bookish businesses or diversifying feeds with new cosplayers, we hope to strengthen ALL of our commitments to a vastly more socially-conscious book community that continues to become more and more diverse.

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